Welcome to SharksHead.com!

What is Sharkshead?

The quick answer: a wireless boat management system.

In more detail: Sharkshead provides a highly modular infrastructure that can monitor and manage (where possible) many items on a boat, like

  • the air temperature, air pressure, humidity,
  • wind speed and direction
  • each battery individually,
  • the producers of electricity like solar panels, wind turbines and alternators,
  • the consumers of this harvested energy like the lights, fridges, radios, water makers, TVs, stereos, electric head
  • your engine parameters, like air intake temperature, exhaust temperature, cooling water temperature, cylinder head temperature, oil pressure, fuel flow, engine speed (rpm)

and much more. Some of those feature are work in progress but we’ve listed them here as we’d like your feedback of which devices you would like to see sooner rather than later.

You can access and control all this from your web browser: on a phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The system does not contain a screen. Therefore, it can grow with you, your demands and the technology. Some people prefer bigger screens, some want smaller handheld devices.

The central component of Sharkshead gathers all that information, stores it in a database and displays it to you. It keeps track of all the history, so you can see what the temperature was last year on Christmas Day or, maybe more importantly, you can see trends in the performance of say, your batteries. A decline in performance of any device often does not occur overnight and hence is not obvious. If you can see a graph showing the data over a week, a month or a year, such trends become obvious and you can counter them.

This is where we come in, so keep reading and get in touch!



In 2013 we began developing a wireless boat management system, consisting of a central controller and separate modules, that together monitor and manage all manner of systems on a typical boat, all of which is viewed and operated from any web browser on a wifi-enabled phone, tablet or other computing device rather than requiring yet another display to clutter the boat’s dashboard.


Leave us a note here if you will. It can be anonymous if you don’t expect feedback.